About Us & our Acrylic Display Cases & Cabinets for Models

Custom and standard display cases

Acrylic Display Cases specialises in the manufacture of plastic/acrylic cases for displaying your models, memorabilia or signed sporting items. Many collectors look for a display cabinet after they have begun collecting, as it not only makes keeping your special items in mint condition and dust free a lot easier, but it also makes those items look a lot more presentable. We offer a range of cases, from small cases to display a single watch, through to large wall mountable cases that are capable of holding a large number of small figures or models. We can also make one to your sizes, more information can be found here

Whether you wish to have your items displayed in a public area in a lockable display case, or just in your own home for your family and friends to see - we offer a large range of base designs/materials and colours to suit your every need. We pride ourselves on offering an enormous level of flexibility in terms of the size of the display case itself, and our website even includes the ability for you to design your case to your exact size requirements.

By offering our customers a choice of colours and designs (more information on the many different styles on offer can be found on our display case styles page), we cater for the more contemporary items that you might want to display - such as antiques, expensive collectables and high end watches, through to our modern sleek designed display cases that are perfect for showing off high quality die cast models or those constructed by hand.

Typical items displayed in our cabinets include:

  • Signed sporting goods like footballs, basket balls, tennis and rugby balls.
  • Formula One helmets.
  • Movie memorabilia.
  • Model cars, trucks, ships and aeroplanes.
  • Collectable dolls, action figures, models and movie/gaming items.

Where are our cases manufactured?

Perhaps our biggest strength is that we are a manufacturer, so can be extremely flexible in terms of what we offer our customers. All of our display cases are manufactured at our factory in Colchester, Essex - just outside of London in the UK. We hold hundreds of cases in stock for quick delivery, but are also able to quickly deal with larger orders.

Since 2005 we have been involved in making the highest quality display cabinets possible, and the number of customers that return to us as the "go to" manufacturer for displaying their items is testament to this.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products to display their precious items in, so visit our website today!