Movie Memorabilia & Model Display Cases

Model Display Cases

We offer a range of cases for your model cars, bikes, lorries and even buses! Whether your models are 1:12, 1:50, 1:18, 1:43 or 1:76 scale, we offer display cases that are suitable for all of the following:

  • Modern and Classic Cars in 1:12, 1:18 and 1:43 scale
  • 1:50 scale Trucks and Lorries
  • Motorbikes and Motorcycles
  • Planes & Fighter Jets

We also offer some special edition model display cases, such as display cases for the Titanfall Collectors Edition statuettes, and many Star Wars models, including the Millenium Falcon models by EFX and Master Replicas.

Movie & TV Series Display Cases

Many collectors focus on a specific range of models to collect, or have one of two pieces they want to keep in pristine condition.

We offer a variety of cabinets, so whether you are looking for something to store your lightsaber in, or you have a phaser you want to show off to your friends; check out our range of clear cases.

(Pictured left: Case for a Star Wars™ Tie Fighter model)

Model Aeroplane Cabinets

Whether it's a model plane you have painstakingly assembled and painted yourself, or its a superb replica of your favourite military fight jet; our plastic display cabinets are capable of holding an array of items and collectables - a few examples of which can be seen on this site.

We pride ourselves on offering custom sizes; so if you have a special item unlike anything shown please click here  to design your own case.