Display Cases for Signed Sports Memorabilia

Display Cases for Signed Footballs

Whether it's for your country, your club, or just your local team display your football  in style with one of the sleek looking display cases we offer.
These cases are especially good for items like footballs where traditional display methods (i.e stands) do not adequately protect signed items from the elements, or people's hands!
Available with a range of bases to suit your exact style, all of which include a holder to stop the ball from rolling around.

Football Boots Display Case

Available for a single boot, or for a pair of football boots, these display cases have a choice of bases you can have with them, or you can just buy the cover. These cases can also be used for most other types of sports shoe as well, and there is plenty of room in them if you want to add a plaque or nameplate. If you have some shoes to display that won't fit then remember we can custom make</a> a display case to your exact size, with the same choice of bases.

Formula One™ Helmet Display Case

Available for a full sized crash helmet, or for a half scale crash helmet, these display cases are available with a range of bases to choose from. If you are lucky enough to own a helmet from one of the Formula One greats like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel then display it in style.</p> <p>Of course it's not just limited to F1, many Moto GP fans also use cases to display signed memorabilia as well as up and coming Formula 2 signed items which are becoming increasingly popular.

Rugby Ball Display Case

Available for a size 5 rugby ball, displayed vertically or horizontally, these display cases are available with a range of bases to choose from or even available without a base.

If you have a signed rugby ball, either Rugby Union or Rugby League, then the best way of displaying it is in one of our display cases. All of the display cases are available with stands. Don't let the signatures fade or get rubbed off.

Display Cabinets for Boxing Gloves

We offer a range of display options for your boxing gloves - whether you just have one (we have options for displaying it vertically or horizontally), or a pair! From single to double glove holding display cases and cabinet or wall mountable choices we offer a flexible range of options for your special items including a large range of base choices to match your style and colour requirements.

All of the vertical standing boxing glove display cases include a pole to stand the glove up.