Custom Display Cases Made to Order

Cant Find a Stock Size?

Are you wondering what to do with that intricate, expensive model, or valuable piece of memorabilia, to protect it from the ravages of time, and accidental damage, but can't find a stock size that fits perfectly, then we are sure you will be amazed at how reasonable our prices are for a custom sized display case.

As the manufacturer, we are the perfect company to choose to build you a custom sized display case, we have six different desktop designs to choose from, as well as an oak floating shelf, with an acrylic display cover, and you can get an instant quote on any of them, just by selecting your sizes from the product information page, to start viewing our custom sized display cases on our sister site please  click here. They are all handmade to order, with the greatest of care and supplied fully assembled.

Why Use the Custom Size Calculator?

We have designed the price calculator to be as easy to use as we possibly can, we know you don't need the hassle of emailing us for a price and then waiting a few hours for a reply, email conversations can go on for days. With our display case calculator you can instantly see how much the display case will cost, you can then adjust your sizes to see if it is cheaper if you reduce the size slightly, or maybe you want to see how much more expensive it would be if you add that extra clearance your partner wanted, you can also see the other styles available, this is the easiest way of getting the perfect display for your home or office.Even the measurement units can be changed, so whether you prefer inches, millimetres or centimetres, you can now order in the units that you are most comfortable with.

Walkthrough Guide to Getting the Perfect Showcase

  • First select the units of measurement that you would like to work with.
  • Next select the base colours you would like, if they are available, not all display case styles have a choice of base colours.
  • Then enter the width of the display case, this can be confusing, but we take the width to be the distance from left to right as you look at your displayed item, don't forget to add clearance to this and the other two dimensions.
  • Next enter the depth which is the distance from the front of your display case to the back.
  • Then you enter the height, which is the height of your displayed item, not forgetting the clearance.
  • Depending on the size of the display case you may get a choice of either 3mm thick acrylic or 5mm thick, just pick one of these.
  • Next you click the 'Calculate Price' button to check the price has been calculated, that's it, if you like what you see just add it to the shopping cart.
  • Once you have done that you can proceed to the shopping cart screen to see the postage costs and options. Just scroll down towards the bottom of the screen, if you are not on the UK Mainland then change the country and/or enter your postcode to see your postage costs and options.

Follow this link to start viewing them on our custom display case website.