1:12 Scale Model Motorbike Wall Display Case
Acrylic 1:12 Scale Model Motorbike Wall Display Case Side View

1:12 Scale Model Motorbike Wall Display Case (4 Shelf)

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This display case has been designed to display your 1:12 scale model motorbikes. Please check the dimensions of the display case below, and check the sizes of your model motorbikes to make sure they fit ok.


The back panel is fixed to the wall using our stainless steel supports, which when fitted leave no sign of the screw head. The shelf brackets and shelves are then slotted into it, please watch the video below to see how easily it all goes together.
The front cover is easily removable and hooks into the slots on the back panel, which makes it very easy to remove when you want to remove it, but still secure enough not to be knocked off. To remove the front cover you just push it up and then lift it away.

Display Case Dimensions

The distance between the shelves is 125mm  and the shelves are all 432mm long and 96mm deep, the shelf brackets protrude into the shelf by 11mm on the top of the shelf and 25mm underneath the shelf.
The overall sizes of the display case is 460mm wide x 545mm high, including the cover and the stainless steel wall fixings, the display case is 125mm deep.

Advantages of this display case

  • Made from acrylic which will block over 90% of UV light, which is known to damage the paintwork of models over time.
  • Will prevent the model bikes from being damaged by cleaning products and cloths that would otherwise be used to clean them.
  • Deters people from touching your valuable collection of model motorbikes.
  • There is no need to have internal lighting as the shelves are clear and the light in your room can reach all models.
  • Easily removable display cover
  • Choice of back panel colours
How to fit the display case

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1/12 model motorbike display case
1:12 scale motorbike model display case
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